Since 1971

The Italian brand for non-lethal solutions


About us

SIMAD S.p.A. was founded in 1971 and operates in the public order, defense and security sectors. The company was established with the purpose of producing exclusive military devices.

It has developed several important assets over the years, that allowed it to quickly become the Italian leader in the Law Enforcement and Public Order sectors.

Currently, SIMAD has the ISO 9001:2015 and NATO AQAP-2110 certifications, allowing it to operate in accordance with “Nato Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production” for all products.



SIMAD offers a vast range of products with irritant CS tear gas, colored smoke, rubber and illuminating charges to be employed by hand or by a launcher. SIMAD also produces 12-gauge special cartridges, Cal.37/38 mm and Cal.40 mm cartridges with special non-lethal anti-riot, anti-crime and anti-sabotage ammunition.

  • Special 12-gauge cartridges
  • Anti-riot cartridges
  • Anti-riot hand grenades
  • Anti-sabotage cartridges
  • Navy markers

Our products are available in both training and operational versions.


SIMAD also offers a vast range of services, like:

  • Analysis and requalification of expired goods
  • Stocking of explosive products and materials
  • Outsourcing, technical and commercial consulting

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For all international shipments, our products require an export license to be issued by the Italian National Authority - UAMA.

Therefore an official letter is required for samples request, while for orders, an "End-User Certificate" to be released by the final user is required.

For inquiries, kindly include your company's data while specifying the final destination of the goods.